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Mutual Divorce Process In Gurugram

Mutual Divorce process in Gurugram

The District Court Gurugram has two Family Courts. Below is the step by step process of mutual consent divorce as followed in these family courts.

Step 1The Parties define the terms of separation related to child custody, alimony/maintenance, joint property, etc.
Step 2A joint advocate for parties or different advocate for each party, prepare a joint petition based on these terms.
Step 3Parties are required to provide address proof of each, Marriage Photo, Marriage card & Marriage certificate.
Step 4Both parties sign the joint petition in front of an oath commissioner and then the case is filed in the court for court hearing on the same day for first motion hearing.
Step 5During the hearing as mentioned in Step no. 4, the Hon’ble Court records the statement of parties for first motion and provides a date for second motion after six months.
Step 6If the parties have any urgency, then after 1 week of first motion hearing, the parties can apply for waiver of six months in the court.
Step 7After six months or if the application for waiver is accepted, then the Hon’ble Court records the statement of parties for second motion and then the divorce gets concluded.
Step 8Then the parties or their advocate can apply to get certify copy of divorce decree.

Kindly note that the above mentioned process is usually followed in most of the cases but a Family judge has the discretion to modify the process depending on the facts and circumstance of each case.

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